• PB1E/S - PB1E/D

  • PB2E/S - PB2E/D

  • PB5E/S - PB5E/D

  • PB10E/S - PB10E/D

  • PB30E/S - PB30E/D

Machine Series and Information

Plastiblow is a company that was founded by people who had extensive experience within the Blow Moulding Field. It belongs to an Italian Industrial Group that has been operating with great success since 1964, and is brand recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturer of Extrusion Blow Moulding Machinery.

The Factory of 4500mq was established in 1970 near to the West Ring Road of Milan in Corsico.

In 2001 Plastiblow expanded its product range introducing its new Electric Models consisting of Electric Drives and Patented Innovative designs the have provided the end user with significant benefits and advantages such as: savings on Energy Consumption, eliminating the contamination of oil, precise sustainable movements and reduced maintenance costs.

Since its establishment 50 years ago the commercial structure, which is very much customer orientated, Plastiblow now have a number of branches situated in the main foreign markets with a reputation for reliability, user friendly machinery and low cost management.

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PB1E/S – PB1E/D in Action
PB5E/S – PB5E/D in Action
PB10E/S – PB10E/D in Action
PB30E/S – PB30E/D in Action